Pocky My Cat

Date: Mon 10-1 2018

Title: Pocky My Cat

I have a cat named Pocky. She is about two more years old.
She has black and white color fur just the traditional Chinese garden cat.

Cat is really full of curiosty
I still remember the first day when I toke Pocky to my room.
At first she is very feard and hide under my bed. After several minutes

She came out from below of my bed. and started exploring my room.
She put her front two leg upon the deck or the edge of wall looking everywhere
She climb up to my bed to test the soft of pillow. She jump to balcony and looking
out of my room through window. The she rush to ground and jump to my washing machine looking down the lid and smell.

I come back from work hearing her greetings while I opening door
I sleep in bed she stay in the other side of bed resting or watching me.

I go to work she follow my step to the door and then I leave

I like to hug she to with my arm. But Pocky seems doesn’t enjoy that. She would
push me with her straw when I hug..

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